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5 Reasons Why I Love Mason Jar Salads, And Why You Should Too

I have 4 kids. I get it. In theory I’d love to be in the kitchen all day prepping wonderful, nourishing meals for my family, but in reality, I’m usually sporting a half-bun, wiping part of my toddler’s meal off my pant leg while trying to convince myself the gummies I packed for my kindergartener’s snack ‘could’ be made with real fruit.

This is reality my friends.

Enter the mason jar salad.

” pause for angelic music “

A few friends have asked me recently if mason jar salads are really ‘that good’, and my answer is unequivocally YES!! And here’s why….

#1 – Convenience

Mason jar salads are so easy to assemble. Grab a few jars, chop some veggies, toss in a few left-overs, and voila.

MOM TIP: I’ve found I can easily prep mason jar salads for a few days while I’m cooking dinner! While you’re chopping veggies for dinner, set a few aside to toss in the mason jars. By multitasking you’re not spending any additional time in the kitchen (or unnecessarily dirtying a clean kitchen), and yet you’ve got healthy lunches prepped and ready before dinner’s even on the table.



#2 – Oh YUM

Perhaps the most important factor for me is taste. There are endless possibilities when it comes to salad combos…if you want to get really overwhelmed jump on Pinterest and search “mason jar salads”.

But truly, on the rare occasion that I’d actually prep a salad for lunch, it was usually a ton of lettuce, a few dried cranberries, and if I was lucky a bit of goat cheese and a few walnuts. That got old. Fast.

With mason jar salads the combos are endless. Not only are they healthy, but they taste good (and if you’re not convinced, my carnivorous husband loves them too…and that is saying A LOT) 😉


#3 – What Leftovers?

Do you ever end up with weird, half-full containers of food at the end of the week? A 1/2 chicken breast here, a few pieces of roasted broccoli there. There never seems to be enough for an actual meal, and yet I hang on to it because the thought of throwing out perfectly good food…at least until it turns green and grows fuzz..really bothers me.

Mason jar salads are the perfect place for those bits of leftovers. I’ve used leftover steak, chicken, roasted vegg, roasted beans (garbonzo beans are amazing!), pieces of fruit, you name it. If it’s healthy and leftover, you can pretty much toss in in your mason jar.

#4 – Better “Fast” Food

Mason jar salads are super portable and so easy for my husband to grab on his way out the  door. It makes for a quick lunch and easy lunch for him at work (he’s the kind who will

forget to eat it he doesn’t bring food…a concept totally foreign to me! lol), and happy belly means happy husband!

But as a stay-at-home mom, mason jar salads are lifesavers for me too. Granted I may not be racing off to meetings, but try prepping a healthy lunch for yourself while juggling hungry kids, PB jars, and the spilt milk and you’ll know what I mean

Being able to grab a mason jar, dump it on my plate, and have a tasty, healthy, and filling meal without losing my sanity is amazing. Gone are the days of eating leftover crusts and cold chicken nuggets for lunch!

#5 – Mega Wife Points

I alluded to it before, but happy belly in our home means happy husband. Right? There’s also some serious cool wife points earned around my husband’s office when all the ladies are drooling over his mason jar salad and asking what his (amazing…my add…lol) wife made him for lunch today.

I may be old fashioned, but it feels good to be able to provide for my husband after all he provides for us.


I hope perhaps I’ve convinced you that you need mason jars salads in your life…or maybe at least given you enough motivation to give them a try, because yes, they really are ‘that good’. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! If you enjoyed this blog, please be sure to share it.

Thanks again and God Bless!