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Super Bowl Sunday – Make it a Win!

First up, no proper Super Bowl Sunday blog is going to start without a proper shout out…and since we’re living in New England, it’s gotta go one direction…. GO PATS!!!

Ok, now, on to business 😉

When you think of Sunday, do images of hot wings, rich creamy dips and beer bloat suddenly flood your mind? Why is that?! We eat clean (or, let’s be honest, mostly clean) for months leading up to the big game and tell ourselves it is just one day that we steer off track, but why can’t we enjoy Super Bowl Sunday without the bloat and guilt?

Whether you are hosting or attending a party with friends and family, here are some tips for reducing the bulge and regret (well, unless you cheered for the wrong team!) come Monday morning.

Hummus with Veggies

Instead of the typical fat-loaded dips this year, why not try a hummus dip with sliced veggies? There are a bunch of yummy (and healthy!) hummus recipes out there on your favorite recipe website or pick up your favorite healthy version at the store. Personally, I love the recipes with a little kick! By replacing the usual pita chips with vegetables, we can snack guilt-free, still have the crunch, and feel better well into the 4th quarter.

Healthy Nut Mix

Creating or finding a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios will provide you and your game-buddies with a protein-rich healthy snack option. Again, I love to add a little spice to mine to shake it up a bit. Try roasting them with a little EVOO and spice blend. Yum. Just make sure, as with anything, you don’t get too nutty (lol) and go overboard. Everything in moderation.

Turkey Wraps

As we get later in the evening and closer to game time, we will need something with a little more sustenance. I am not a sandwich person, but for me a wrap is a whole other ball park. Turkey wraps can provide a healthy dose of protein and veggies without all the bulk of the sub roll. Load it up with veggies and you’re golden. Just don’t undo it by adding mayo.  Opt for a spicy (see the trend? I love spice!) mustard or another guilt-free dressing. Best of all, wraps are a great finger foods, kid-friendly, and easy to assemble. Sounds like a touchdown to me!


I get it. I have a meat-eating husband as well. Sometimes there’s no substitute for meat! Instead of fatty-fat (channeling my inner Tony Horton) wings, consider throwing some yummy chicken and/or steak kabobs on the grill. Grilled veggies are a huge bonus!

Another hubby-pleasing option is chili. Who doesn’t love a big bowl of chili on game day? Make it ahead of time so you can sit back and enjoy the game as well. Opt for a turkey chili if you’re especially daring. Just be sure you don’t smother it with sour cream (greek yogurt is a great substitute). Instead, why not try a slice of fresh avocado or a pinch of cheese? Remember a little goes a long way.

It IS possible to enjoy the day without feeling deprived and without undoing all your hard work the last few weeks. Remember YOU are in control. If you are going to splurge, pick 1 or 2 of your favorite foods…and I’m talking the to-die for foods…and enjoy a serving of each and then move on. Be intentional with your food choices, and if you struggle with aimless snacking, try a stick of gum! Kinda hard to keep nibbling when you’re blowing bubbles 🙂

Most of all, enjoy the time with friends and family and GO PATS!!